Hall of Famer Don McLean Offers Online Guitar Lesson Amid Lockdown

The 'American Pie' singer/songwriter offers some tips and tricks on how to play 'certain notes' on acoustic guitar in a video tutorial amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

AceShowbiz - Veteran singer/songwriter Don McLean is treating self-isolating music fans to a virtual guitar lesson.

The "American Pie" star has teamed up with officials from USA Today to film a special video tutorial on his acoustic guitar, complete with advice and anecdotes from his lengthy career.

"I always get asked how I play certain notes on the guitar," says McLean.

"I figured since I have some downtime I might as well help show all those people who have asked over the years how I do it and it was pretty fun, actually."

The musician has also shared a message of hope to fans on lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We have a situation here where there seems to be no clear path out, and I think that music and those kinds of things you love are probably the best friends you'll ever have in a situation like this," he tells USA Today.

"I want to send my best wishes to everybody. This will be over. Don't despair. Go back to your records or music that gives you comfort. It will help you."

The 74 year old's online lesson, in which he shows fans how to play tracks like Chairs, Grief and Hope, and American Pie, can be viewed here.

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