Bret Michaels Inspired to Revive Dating Show 'Rock of Love' After 'The Masked Singer' Stint

The Poison rocker is hoping to bring back his television show 'Rock of Love With Bret Michaels' after he competed on the FOX singing contest as The Banana.

AceShowbiz - Poison star Bret Michaels wants to revive his dating show "Rock of Love With Bret Michaels" - with a twist.

The star is the latest celebrity to be unmasked on Fox reality TV series "The Masked Singer", and his stint on the programme, which features stars performing in elaborate disguises in a bid to fool the shows judges and viewers at home, has inspired him to think up some new concepts.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Bret mused he'd like to bring back his VH1 show, which saw eligible single women competing for the star's affection, in a new format where the potential couples are kept hidden from their suitors.

"I threw it out there the other day, joking, 'I'm thinking Banana of Love. We take Rock of Love to a whole new level,' " he said, referring to his The Banana costume of "The Masked Singer".

"So imagine you're in some kind of outfit and then they have to love you for your personality," he explained. "Every show says that, but no one really means it. This would actually mean you would have to be loved as a masked human being and they would actually like you as a person. And then you're hoping when the mask comes off the other part of the chemistry works. So, Banana of Love."

While he's happy to pitch the idea, Michaels said he'd have no interest in being a contestant on it.

"I'm a family man, but let's just say I would be a great host," he explained. "I would be great at giving advice that they could either listen to or completely ignore, if they're smart."

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