Michelle Money Dubs Daughter 'Warrior' as She's Released From Hospital Following Horrible Accident

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' alum makes use of her Instagram account to share the happy news with her followers and express her gratitude after Brielle has survived the life-threatening skateboarding accident.

AceShowbiz - Michelle Money has been left in awe of her daughter's resilience. Less than a month after Brielle fought for her life following a horrible skateboard accident, her "Bachelor in Paradise" alum mother revealed that the 15-year-old has been released from hospital, dubbing the teenager a "warrior."

On Friday, April 24, the 39-year-old beauty shared the happy news with her fans via Instagram. "26 days after her accident and she is walking out of the hospital with a whole new outlook on life," she began her lenghty message. "What Brielle has accomplished since she woke up from her coma is absolutely mind blowing."

Michelle continued on to offer detail over Brielle's recovery. "Her ability to push through the pain and frustration of relearning how to walk, talk, eat, drink, get dressed, shower, brush her teeth etc. is beyond impressive to watch as her mother," she said, bragging that "Bri's speech therapist told us that in the 6 years she has been working, she has never seen a kid recover as fast as Bri has."

Despite the feat, the TV personality acknowledged that there will still be "a long road still ahead of us." Nevertheless, she was "incredibly grateful for [Brielle's] speedy recovery" and couldn't help but gush, "This girl is a fighter. She is a warrior. She is going to do amazing things with her life!" She further added, "She is my hero."

The Utah-born reality TV star additionally expressed her gratitude to those who sent their prayers and support throughout the trying time. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers! You will never understand what it has meant to us," she noted. "I want to thank you for respecting our privacy and allowing us to process all of this on our own time."

As for Brielle, Michelle noted that the teen "is slowly starting to realize what has actually happened the last month." She added, "It's a lot to process but she is very grateful for all of you! She does not want to be remembered for this but I think we all know she has a big purpose here that will far surpass the memory of this accident."

Michelle shared the heartbreaking news that Brielle was put on life support back in late March. At the time, she revealed that she was in "desperate" need of prayers since her teen daughter "suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull." She added that the teen "is in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure in her brain."

Days later, Michelle came back to social media to share a more troubling news. "Today's been a week and if we can't get her numbers stabilized then she, we are gonna have to put her into a deeper coma that has lots of other side effects that we don't want or we're gonna have to do surgery and remove part of her skull," she spilled.

Yet, Brielle appeared to have overcome her injuries a week later. On Monday, April 13, her father and Michelle's ex, Ryan Money, revealed that the teenager has finally been moved to neuroscience trauma unit. "Brielle has come in guns a blazin," he noted. "Pretty sure that we can confidently say that her personality has not changed. 48 hours ago we had not heard her talk....and now this."

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