Yung Berg's Alleged Victim Claims to Receive Threats and Hate After Pistol-Whipping Incident

The woman named Talia Tilley, who accuses the rapper also known as Hitmaka of assault, says she is still nursing her injuries and has been 'mentally and psychically in pain.'

AceShowbiz - Yung Berg a.k.a. Hitmaka's alleged pistol-whipped victim has spoken up after the rapper denied her accounts of the story about the altercation. Taking to her social media page, the woman named Talia Tilley held on to her initial statements about the incident and gave an update about her injuries.

"I have not been posting any responses to what's being said because of the threats and hate I was receiving on social media," Talia wrote, explaining why it took her weeks to respond to Berg's claims. "I am still healing, I am still recovering from my injuries," she shared, while posting a photo of her face which still shows evidence of the alleged violence. "I am mentally and psychically In pain a lot of pain," she added.

Stating that she won't be revealing details of the case, which is currently under investigation by the authorities, Talia continued, "What I will say is this robbery and set up allegation is completely false." She went on stressing, "Lapd has confirmed this. I'm continuing to pursue this and facts will continue to come out legally in court."

The incident occurred at a private residence in Los Angeles on Saturday morning, March 14 at around 5 A.M. local time. According to police report, Berg, whose real name is Christian Ward, "pistol-whipped victim (numerous times) resulting in verifiable injuries."

The victim was hospitalized and received treatment at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, where she was diagnosed with "closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial lacerations." She also received "several stitches" on one part of her face and the hospital records note that the injuries stemmed from an "assault."

Berg later took to Instagram to defend himself, claiming that the woman "WAS NOT MY GF EVER" and she tried to set him up for a terrifying home invasion. The 34-year-old songwriter/music producer also shared a statement released by his attorney which revealed more details of the night the attempted robbery took place. In the statement, the lawyer did not mention pistol-whipping, but said that "Mr. Ward defended himself against this attack."

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