T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah Harris Says She Had 'Unhappy' Childhood

Even though the young girl doesn't give further details on why she felt unhappy during her childhood, some speculate that she was either abused or molested as a child.

AceShowbiz - Deyjah Harris has sparked concern among social media users with her recent Instagram Stories. The daughter of T.I. was answering several questions on the photo-sharing when she revealed that her childhood was not as happy as one would have thought.

In response to someone who asked her, "What is one thing you would tell your younger self," she said, "Not sound dramatic but… I'd tell her it's not her fault, anything that happened to her, it's not her fault. I'd tell her I'm sorry because I know she unhappy but I literally have no idea on how to make her happy."

She continued, "I'd tell her no matter what though, ain't nobody else gonna hurt you they gone have to kill me to get you." This, naturally, sparked people's curiosity over what happened to her during her childhood. However, Deyjah refused to give further details. "I'll tell it one day. Rn isn't the time. Not in today's society lmaooo smh," so she wrote.

People were naturally concerned about her, with one realizing why Tip is overprotective when it comes to his daughter. For your information, he was once blasted after revealing that he'd always check Deyjah's hymen to make sure that she's still a virgin. Meanwhile, some others speculated that she was either abused or molested.

"It sound like she was molested or abused as a child," one said. "Somebody touched that girl. I pray it wasn't her father who seems obsessed with virginity," another speculated, while one other commented, "for starters she probably feel violated af."

There was also one person who weighed in, "I most definitely understand I’m praying for her peace and happiness to return. She’s so young." On the other hand, an individual said, "Prayers!! Say what you need to say baby!! You’re going be alright."

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