Will Forte Engaged to Girlfriend Olivia Modling

The 'Last Man on Earth' actor is ready to settle down and start a family as he is taking his relationship with longtime girlfriend Olivia to the next level.

AceShowbiz - Comedian Will Forte is engaged to wed.

"The Last Man on Earth" star has been secretly planning to wed longtime girlfriend Olivia Modling since proposing over the holidays late last year 2019, according to People.com.

The actor, who turns 50 in June 2020, has yet to make a formal announcement, but his father, Reb Forte, let slip the happy news during a recent charity appearance alongside his famous son on the return of U.S. game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".

After being called up onstage to serve as Will's expert, Reb gushed about the possibility of having the funnyman continue the family name when he starts a family of his own.

"My full name is Orville Willis Forte III," Reb told host Jimmy Kimmel.

Motioning to his son, Reb continued, "He's Orville Willis Forte IV. He's currently engaged, and says if he has a boy, they've both agreed, it's a possibility it would be Orville Willis Forte V. Not a decision, but a possibility."

Smiling at the remark, Will replied, "We're thinking about it."

Will and Olivia were first linked in 2018 and moved in together last year 2019.

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