Speaking to Alec Baldwin on his Here's the Thing podcast, the former 'Smash' actress recalls knowing that she wasn't the most important thing in the 'About Schmidt' actor's life.

AceShowbiz - Anjelica Huston doesn't have the fondest memories of Jack Nicholson when they were dating, confessing she always knew she wasn't the most important thing in his life.

The couple dated throughout the 1970s after meeting at Nicholson's birthday party in 1973, but the actress admits that although Jack could be "very gallant" and "a wonderful boyfriend" he often had her in tears.

"He was too easily distracted," Huston told Alec Baldwin on his "Here's the Thing" podcast. "I can't say I enjoyed him all that much. I spent a lot of time in tears and a lot of time crying when I was with Jack, a lot of the time feeling slighted or I wasn't getting enough attention from him. I always knew that I wasn't the most important thing in Jack's life."

But she still keeps track of Jack, revealing the semi-retired movie veteran "loves being home in L.A.", adding, "He has his pictures, he's got his books, his (Los Angeles) Lakers.

"I was so sad about Kobe. I was as sad for Jack about Kobe as I was for Kobe frankly. The Lakers are almost part of Jack, like an extra limb."

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