Releasing the full promo for a new song from the deluxe version of 'Rare', the 'Lose You to Love Me' hitmaker seems to be making references to her past relationship with The Weeknd.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez is injecting supernatural twist to her music video for "Boyfriend". One day after sharing with fans a teaser, the "Lose You to Love Me" hitmaker releases the full promo for the new song from the deluxe version of "Rare" that sees her utilizing magic potion to turn potential partners into frogs.

In the almost-three-minute clip, the 27-year-old takes a small bottle of sparkling purple liquid before going on "The Bachelorette"-style dates. "I want a boyfriend/ But I just keep hitting dead ends/ Try to take a shortcut, but I get cut/ Again and again ... Tell me, are there any good ones left?/ I keep finding wrong ones, but I want love/ Again and again," she sings in the background.

When the dates do not seem to go according to plan, the former Disney sweetheart pulls out the potion out of her purse. She pours it to one of her date's drink, and dabs a little of it on her neck. Slowly, her partners start hallucinating and transform into frogs. Instead of leaving them, she then takes them and puts them in a cage along with a number of other frogs.

This visual for "Boyfriend" might also offer references to Selena's ex-boyfriend The Weeknd. In the beginning and the end of the video, she wears sunglasses when driving her car fast in nighttime. It reminds many of the similar scene from the "Starboy" hitmaker's "Blinding Lights" music video. As the using of frogs, he also had a scene with the croaker in a promo for his "Heartless" song.

While fans thought that "Boyfriend" might be about her ex-lover, Selena claims that it is simply inspired by a text message. In a phone interview with Apple Music alongside songwriters Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, she explained, "I can say this message specifically, because again, when I want to do more, it is sometimes like, 'You know what? Today I just don't know what I'm actually feeling, so maybe it's not going to be anything,' "

"But I text[ed] her [Julia], I said, 'Well, it's like I feel like I've covered everything on the album. I was like, I don't know. Life's good. I want a boyfriend. That's about it.' And she's like, 'LOL, whatever. And I come in the studio and that's literally the title,' " she went on.

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