Lil Nas X Initially Planned to Take His Secret of Being Gay to the Grave

Months after coming out, the 'Old Town Road' hitmaker reveals that his plan changed after he become who he is right now because he wants to represent the LGBT community.

AceShowbiz - Lil Nas X never planned to "come out" as gay.

The "Old Town Road" star stunned fans with the big reveal last summer (19), but now admits he was planning to take his sexuality secret to the grave.

"The honest truth is, I planned to die with the secret," he tells The Guardian, "but that changed when I became Lil Nas X."

"I 100 per cent want to represent the LGBT community. I don't want to encourage them to do something they don't 100 per cent want to do. Especially in, like, middle school or high school. Because it's just super-hard."

Lil Nas X reveals he doesn't speak to his mother, but his family all knew about his sexuality before he went public with the news.

"It's not something that's ever brought up or we speak about," he adds. "We're quiet on it. Nobody's like, 'Oh, you got a boyfriend?'"

"I don't want it to be something we never talk about... but I would like it to be a healthy medium between 'Who are you f**king?' and just not saying anything."

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