Jennifer Love Hewitt Struggling to Teach Her Kids During Coronavirus Lockdown

The former 'Party of Five' actress couldn't figure out the way she was supposed to teach her children at home when their school was closed during the covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Love Hewitt found homeschooling her kids really frustrating at the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

The pandemic has shut schools down around the world and thrust millions of parents into the world of teaching and mentoring bored kids.

Jennifer admits she was one of those mums who struggled to find things for Autumn, six, and Atticus, four to do at first.

"I was really frustrated at first, to be honest, just how to do it," she explained. "I couldn't figure out like, was I supposed to teach them the way their teacher was teaching them, or teach them in a strict way or whatever?"

But the 41-year-old actress, who showed off her newly-dyed bright pink hair during an at-home appearance on U.S. show The Talk on Monday, April 6, 2020, soon figured out that successfully teaching her children required them to do things their "own way."

"The point for them is to laugh and to have fun and to learn," the 9-1-1 star smiled, "and so, we've really made it out own thing and my daughter said to me... 'Hey mom, do you think maybe you could come and be teacher at my school when this is over?' And it really meant a lot to me. So we've been learning math through dance parties and music, and we've been, you know, just doing it our own way."

"Instead of reading (stories), we've been acting them out and it's just been really fun, and it helped me a lot. So I think moms and dads, everyone, just has to take the pressure off and just do it the way that is right for your family."

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