Sam Neill Touched Yet Heartbroken by Responses to His Effort to Entertain Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The 'Jurassic Park' star has made use of his pet ducks and ukulele to share messages of hope, poetry and social-distancing advice in social media videos recorded at his farm in Otago, New Zealand.

AceShowbiz - "Jurassic Park" star Sam Neill has been moved by the response to his attempts to spread cheer on social media during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 72-year-old actor and his pet ducks have become unlikely stars of the global health crisis by singing, playing the ukulele and sharing messages of hope, poetry and social-distancing advice in Twitter and Instagram videos recorded at his farm in Otago, New Zealand.

Speaking to, the Kiwi star says that he has been "touched" by how fans have reacted to his joking around online.

"There's so much doom and misery around," he explains. "That someone being a little cheerful comes as a comic relief. I suppose I'm like the gatekeeper in the Scottish play. I've been terribly touched and also heartbroken by so many of the responses I've had."

Revealing how recording the videos is helping him get through self-isolation, he adds, "I don't really know what I'm doing." He says, "I just pluck things out of the air."

"And it's coming really from me just being shut away for a while - and that's going to go on. (I'm) thinking of possible things to do myself and finding things that I've put aside for a rainy day. Well, it's a rainy day."

In fact, despite winning acclaim in a host of Hollywood movies, including "The Piano", "Bicentennial Man", and "Jurassic Park", the star also feels that he has found his calling as an online comic.

"I don't regard myself as a serious actor," he adds. "Look, who knows why I wasn't any good at it? I'm getting a little bit better, I like to think...I just like to make people feel a bit better for a few seconds."

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