Lizzo Shares Booty Pic to Respond to Blueface Shooting His Shot at Her

During a radio interview, the 'Obama' rapper reveals that he will smash the 'Good as Hell' hitmaker with or without the Coronavirus, before saying, 'Lizzo, if you're listening to this, call me, baby.'

AceShowbiz - Blueface is among the people who are attracted by Lizzo's charm, and he doesn't even try to hide his feelings from the world. The rapper recently shot his shot at the "Juice" hitmaker during a radio interview, and she was quick to respond back to him with an equally flirty message.

Stopping by Real 92.3 in Los Angeles, Blueface was asked whether or not he would smash Lizzo even if she has the Coronavirus. He responded by saying that he totally would, adding that he has been with several big and beautiful women. Following that, Blueface stared directly into the camera and said, "Lizzo, if you're listening to this, call me, baby. Call me."

It appears Lizzo did listen to what Bluface said during the radio interview and immediately gave her response. Taking to her Instagram account, she shared a photo of herself putting her famous curves on display as she looked at herself in the mirror. The "Good as Hell" rapper paired her barely-there bottoms with a black racerback tank top and large hoop earrings.

"Blueface babyy," so she wrote underneath the seductive photo. Blueface has yet to respond to Lizzo, though the latter has turned off the comment section of the post so it'd be unlikely for him to give a public response.

While Lizzo is currently single, it's unclear whether Blueface is still in a relationship with his girlfriend. Back in July last year, the "Obama" rapper revealed that he dumped one of his girlfriends after she did something that made him question her loyalty. "I still got my [baby's mother], though. That's forever. We was on Live or whatever and I'm like, 'Yo they said that y'all here for the [money and clout],' and my BM was like, 'Nah!' and the other girl--she just gave a bad answer," he said at the time.

He continued, "It could have been a joke, could not have been a joke but at the point I'm at right now, I ain't got no time to figure out if it was a joke or not."

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