Lil Baby Jokes He Has Coronavirus After Coughing Hard on Instagram Live

The 'Drip Too Hard' spitter appears to feel a little bit sick during his recent livestreaming on Instagram, though he seems to make light of the situation with a joke.

AceShowbiz - Is Lil Baby contracting Coronavirus? The "Drip Too Hard" spitter appeared to feel a little bit sick during his recent Instagram Live. While it remains to be seen if he has coronavirus, the rapper has no problem joking about it.

During the broadcast, he was seen alarmingly coughing so hard that lasted for a few seconds. Despite looking serious, Baby seemed to make light of the situation as he then spoke in a singsong, "Coronavirus."

People were baffled and entertained at the same time upon watching the clip of his live session. "Yoooo what," "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Tommie Lee" wrote in the comment section. "The 'cOrOnA vIrUs' TOOK ME OUTT," someone else said.

Some others assumed that he coughed because he smoke. "He do that everytime he smoke on live I be in that thang laughing," one person noted. Another one chimed in, "Dat ain't nothing but a lil weed cough."

Someone was more concerned with how Baby didn't cover his mouth while coughing. "WHY HE NOT COVERING HIS MOUTH!" the person asked. One user, on the other hand, appeared to think that the spitter might actually contract Coronavirus, writing, "Nah , but that's really the RONA tho."

This arrived after Baby denied being on drugs in an interview on "The Breakfast Club", during which he could be seen making a weird gesture of pouring himself a cup of water with no cup. Taking to his Twitter account, Lil Baby denied the allegations that he takes Percocet. "I don't take Percocets!!" so he wrote on Wednesday, March 18.

Despite the denial, people were not entirely convinced. Instead, his tweet only elicited more skeptical responses. "what is it then .? morphine .? coke .? be real w me Dominique," one Twitter user replied. Someone, meanwhile, accused him of "capping" through a meme.

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