Nick Cannon Missed His Chance With Amara La Negra, Gets Jealous Over Her Boyfriend

The 'Masked Singer' host and the 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' star get flirty as they talk about his dating rumors with model Jasmine Saunders, before he confesses about his actual feelings for Amara.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon and Amara La Negra may be good friends now, but things could've been a lot different between them in the past. The "Gigolo" singer admits that he realized he had special feelings for her after seeing her with her boyfriend on her reality show "Love & Hip Hop Miami".

The duo got a flirty conversation when Amara stopped by "Nick Cannon Mornings" to talk about her career. At one point during the interview, he candidly admitted that he was "a little lowkey jealous" when he saw that Amara had a boyfriend.

Responding to Nick's confession, Amara said, "It's not like you didn't have your opportunities, right?" She then joked, "I mean, don't test me, 'cause I'll take it there." The former husband of Mariah Carey said she was making him uncomfortable while he was "moving in my seat." The 39-year-old rapper/actor claimed he was really just moving forward to get closer to her, but she joked, "Don't test me."

During the interview, Amara also quizzed Nick about his relationship status. The host of "The Masked Singer" was recently rumored to be secretly dating model Jasmine Saunders. He bluntly denied it though, claiming that he's a single man.

Amara announced her relationship with Bachata singer EmJay, who is the brother of her "Love & Hip-Hop Miami" co-star Shay Johnson, in April 2019. In an episode of the VH1 show which aired earlier this month, the couple appeared to break up as she called him out for being lazy and willing to live off his girlfriend forever.

Seemingly addressing the split, she later posted a positive message on Instagram, "I refuse to let anything bring me down! I have so many things to be grateful for including all the people that love me and support me and I have so many big moves I'm doing this year! I’m focused and determined! On My priorities and my purpose!"

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