The 'Got Me' singer is lamenting about how lonely she is and praising Lakeith's performance in 'The Photograph' when the actor pops up in the comments to shoot his shot at her.

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox often opens up about her personal life on social media and this time her public confession about her single status has been heard and has got a response from Lakeith Stanfield. The R&B singer was asked on a date by the actor during her recent Instagram Live session.

Hosting the live session during the coronavirus quarantine, the 28-year-old songstress noticed that Lakeith joined in among her other thousand followers. She praised the actor's performance in "The Photograph", saying, "You did that!" before lamenting about her love life or lack thereof.

"I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie just looking pitiful. No date- nothing!" she shared about the time she watched Lakeith's movie in theater. "Just sitting there shedding tears thinking of my godd*mn love life and how it's exceedingly non-existent; how it's just a pitiful mess!"

Lakeith replied to Ari's praise, "Thank you love," before surprising her with his next line. "Can you be my date? Let's go," he asked her. Ari was clearly not ready for it as she freaked out. "Lakeith, I don't have time for this right now, 'cause I- wait. You're joking. I don't have- no," she responded.

Still flustered, she tried to change the subject. "We're changing the subject, because I heard some things. Ok, so you guys! I started a studio...," she continued the live session, before admitting, "what the hell is this even called right now? I don't even know how to say anything right now!"

Ari didn't reveal his answer to Lakeith's date offer on Instagram Live, so it remains to be seen if he gets his chance to hang out with her.

Ari previously got candid about one of her exes who gave her some good sex. "I was willing to let him talk to me crazy, because that s**t was out of this world," she said on Instagram Live in February. "Like 'Yes, daddy! Yes!' Like I was literally willing to ruin my career. If this ever came out, whoever he was, he would be like...," she continued, without identifying the man. "That d**k spoke life into me, Blessings."

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