Miley Cyrus Suggests She Hasn't Bathed in 5 Days Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

The 'Don't Call Me Angel' singer unashamedly admits on her Instagram Live show that she has been wearing the same sweatpants for five days and has no intention to change it 'anytime soon.'

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus is perhaps getting too comfortable at home. While some people have complained about being holed up and stuck in their homes, the former "Hannah Montana" star doesn't seem to have any problem with wandering around in her house in her favorite outfit.

The 27-year-old singer/actress admitted on Tuesday, March 17 that she has not changed her clothes for five days, suggesting that she has not taken bath in the last five days either. "I have not gotten out of these sweatpants for about five days," she unashamedly revealed in a clip from her Instagram show "Bright Minded: Live with Miley Cyrus".

The "Can't Be Tamed" hitmaker, who was also wearing a rainbow beanie in the video, was seen proudly petting her oversized Nike sweatshirt, before adding, "And I have no plans of doing it anytime soon."

Reacting to the video which Miley shared on her Twitter account, one person commented, "So I take washing your hands are off the table lol seriously though go shower." Another concerned about her hygiene as suggesting, "Hope you at one point will wash them. There are still other things you can get."

Some people can relate with her, with one confessing, "I've been wearing same shorts for 3 days. I'm nasty too haha. But I did shower a few hours ago so I'm clean. Just put my favorite shorts back on." Another chimed in, "I feel ya.. sameeeeee, its cold as s**t out here so I throw jeans over my sweats and go to work then come home take the jeans off and sleep, im feelin the vibe haha."

Someone else defended what Miley's doing as normal as claiming, "if your not dirty you dont need a shower just because societys normality is to do it everyday like eating animals as a matter of fact, just do the complete opposite of whats considered to be normal and youl be on your way to divine essence."

Miley has been using the Instagram show to "connect with special guests discussing how to stay LIT in dark times!" It airs at 11:30 A.M. from Monday to Friday on her official Instagram account.

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