Grant Gustin to Be Frank Sinatra Jr.'s Kidnapper in 'Operation Blue Eyes'
WENN/Joseph Marzullo

The leading man of 'The Flash' is teaming up with actor Joe Mantegna, who will direct the new movie which screenplay is written by Bradley Barth and Joseph Nasser.

AceShowbiz - "The Flash" star Grant Gustin has landed the role of Frank Sinatra Jr.'s kidnapper in a new independent movie.

Businessman Barry Keenan infamously masterminded the abduction in 1963, but later bungled it badly and found himself behind bars for almost five years.

Actor Joe Mantegna will direct the latest adaptation of the kidnap story, "Operation Blue Eyes", from a screenplay by Bradley Barth and Joseph Nasser.

David Arquette played Keenan, alongside William H. Macy and James Russo, in a 2003 TV movie about the drama, called "Stealing Sinatra".

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