Evangeline Lilly Gets Candid About Feeling 'Alone and Unseen'

Confessing that she has gone through 'such a rough year' in 2019, the former 'Lost' actress assures fans that she is 'coming out of that deep place' though she still feels 'disconnected' from them.

AceShowbiz - Evangeline Lilly got candid with fans on social media as she opened up about feeling "alone and unseen."

The former "Lost" star shared a snap of herself sporting a new blonde pixie cut and when the 40-year-old actress asked fans which hair colour they liked better on her, she confessed she wanted to switch up her style after emerging from a difficult time last year (19).

"I had such a rough year last year but I didn't want to share all of it with you because i didn't want to be a dark cloud in your world," she told fans. "All I've ever wanted to do was put joy in the world. To add sunshine. I didn't want you to be having a perfectly good day and then have my post make you sad. But I struggle deeply with feeling that all I ever am is what I feel everyone else wants and needs me to be. I often feel alone and unseen."

She continued, "Publicly, I hid and made light of my deepest traumas and laughed in the face of my most profound pain. Until, last year, I broke. Suddenly I was forced to face my weakness and my limitations, my trauma and fears. I was left with no choice but to accept that I am limited or...carry on down a road of perfectionist denial that would inevitably kill me."

While the "Ant-Man" actress assured her followers she's "coming out of that deep place," she confessed she still feels "disconnected" from her fanbase.

"As I start to breathe the fresh air, as I start to find my new, limited footing, I feel disconnected from you," Evangeline added. "I feel it's pointless to share the light when you don't know my darkness. I feel lost and apathetic about this space we share."

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