Ariel Winter

Some celebrities opt to react nonchalantly to the allegations, while some of them are more than willing to share a lengthy response in order to end the speculations once and for all.

AceShowbiz - Ariel Winter is always known for her curvy bod, and when she flaunted a thinner figure early in 2019, everyone was quick to accuse her of going under the knife to achieve the new look. "I'm sorry you felt the need to so dramatically change your appearance. I liked you just as you were. I hope you are happy in your new body though," one fan wrote on her Instagram account.

The "Modern Family" caught wind of the comment and replied, "I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down which isn't what I think you were trying to do? I also didn't get plastic surgery. That is also not supportive of women if you're just assuming about the way they look."

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