Report: Apryl Jones Gets Lil Fizz Fired From 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Following Split

In related news, the VH1 personality shares her mindset when it comes to relationship in recent Instagram Live, saying that she will 'always be single even if I'm in a relationship.'

AceShowbiz - Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz looked as if they believed they're each other's soulmates when they were still dating despite backlash. However, their romance is only short-lived and so is Fizz's time on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood".

According to MTO News, the B2K member not only loses love, but also a job. A production source reveals that the rapper is not expected to be back for the new season of the reality TV series. "Apryl doesn't want him on the cast, and we're trying to get Omarion back. So Fizz will no longer be with us," the insider explains.

Words are the network has yet to finalize the casting decisions. However, the chance of the bandmate of Omarion, who shares a son with Apryl, to get back on the show is almost nonexistent.

In related news, Apryl shared her mindset when it comes to relationship in recent Instagram Live. "Let me just also say this 'cause y'all keep asking me if I'm single, so I am gonna address this," said Apryl. "I will always be single, even when I'm in a relationship."

"You wanna know why? Until a mother****in' ring is on this finger, I'm single as f**k!" Apryl exclaimed. "I really believe in that. So, that's just what it is. I'm always gonna be single until there's a ring on this finger... I'm single until I'm married."

Internet users were baffled by her statement as one said, "How u gone have this mindset and expect a ring." Meanwhile, someone believed that the VH1 personality was "deeply hurt and confused," before adding, "Trying to act like she's a player but really playing herself....."

"Keep that same energy if yo dude say that too," one said. "So she's for the streets basically," stated another user.

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