'LHHH' Reunion: J Boog Slams Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones for Their Romance, Moniece Slaughter Walks Off

Cast member Paris Phillips also calls out Apryl for sleeping with Omarion's bandmate as the former accuses the latter of being a liar and a 'b***h,' adding that she knows that Apryl lied on TV.

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" aired its first part of reunion special on Monday, December 9. The episode saw Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones being put in the hot seat while the cast members grilled them for their relationship.

When host Nina Parker asked the pair the status of their relationship, the two confirmed that they're together. Fizz's ex and baby mama Moniece Slaughter insisted that she didn't care what the two were doing before the two enrupted in shouting match.

"I've been to jail for cracking a b***es sternum and fracturing her cheek bone. I'm not going back! So I'll sit at home!" after Fizz accused her of not showing up to their son Camron's game. "And I'll sit in my dressing room, and we won't deal," Moniece went on saying while walking off the stage.

Fizz's B2K teammate J Boog later weighed in on Fizz and Apryl's romance, talking whether or not it was overstepping a line considering the fact that Apryl is Omarion's baby mama. Fizz claimed that he was closer to Boog than he was with O, adding that he pretended to be friends with Omarion so Omarion could have someone to film the show with.

"To be real, you know what I'm sayin', Fizz been my buddy since Jump Street, and when he didn't wanna disclose to me how serious the relationship was, that's when I knew (beep) was real," Boog said. "What's (beep) up is it's unfortunate that you (beep) with his brother before you (beep) with him."

Apryl, however, defended herself, saying, "There was other relationships that were happening with members with other family members." She also noted that she didn't have the best relationship with O before dubbing it "the most terriblest relationship." Boog didn't buy it and even threatened to spill the tea.

Paris Phillips also called out Apryl for sleeping with Omarion's bandmate. The former accused the latter of being a liar, adding that she knew that Apryl lied on TV. It didn't take long before the two started calling each other b***h. Zell Swag couldn't handle it any longer so he told Apryl that he would beat up Fizz if she keept calling Paris out her name.

After watching the episode, viewers took to social media to express their opinion. Some of them were apparently convinced that Apryl and Fizz's relationship wouldn't last long with one tweeting, "Apryl is using fizz to get back at O but it backfired. I'm sure this bs relationship won’t be going on too much longer." Echoing the sentiment, another user wrote, "Apryl and Fizz will not last and I know that's negative but they won't. She dead wrong."

"Apryl knew not to test Moniece and Fizz knew not to test Zell. Crazy thing is, Fizz didn't stand up for Apryl when they were all coming for her and their body language tells that they are not together or not happy together #LHHReunion," someone else observed. "Apryl and Fizz won't even last. They are gonna feel so stupid looking back at this years from now lol #LHHReunion," someone added.

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