Ozzy Osbourne Says Partying With Elton John Would Lead to Early Grave
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The Black Sabbath rocker is glad he never partied with the 'Rocket Man' hitmaker during their drug-fueled heydays because they would die young if they did.

AceShowbiz - Ozzy Osbourne is relieved he and Elton John never partied together during their drink and drug-fuelled heydays, because he's convinced it would have led to an early grave.

Both the Black Sabbath star and Elton are famed for living up the rock and roll lifestyle when they were much younger, but their paths never crossed while partying, and Ozzy, now sober, counts that as a blessing.

"I don't think we would have both f**king made the '90s if we had," the 71 year old confessed to NME magazine.

"I remember (manager wife) Sharon taking me to a gig of his (Elton's) years ago, and his f**king dressing room was like a f**king bar with every known f**king spirit (liquor)."

"Then he'd do seven gigs on the bounce. I've said to him, 'How the f**k did you keep singing?' If I even thought about cocaine, my singing would go out the f**king window."

Despite their long friendship, Ozzy and Elton only recently joined forces in the recording studio, resulting in the title track of the "Crazy Train" rocker's new album, "Ordinary Man".

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