Ari Fletcher Mocks Alexis Skyy's Disabled Daughter Amid Feud - Read Her Fiery Response

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star isn't having it after the girlfriend of MoneyBagg Yo says of her daughter, 'You have a daughter with disabilities that effects her from looking normal.'

AceShowbiz - Feud between Ari Flecther and Alexis Skyy continues to heat up. This time, MoneyBagg Yo's girlfriend decided to bring the latter's daughter, Alaiyah Grace, into the fight and it naturally didn't sit well with Alexis who responded in a series of fiery clapbacks.

It started after Ari accused Alexis of being "obsessed" with her in a since-deleted Instagram post. "Stop talking about the way people look and you have a daughter with disabilities that effects her from looking normal, god bless her. Just let it go...," she said. "You know something coming your way just stop because they not gone feel bad when it happen they gone say you deserve it."

Alexis obviously noticed what Ari said about her despite the latter already deleting the post. The TV personality then took to her Twitter account to write, "I TOLD THESE B****S!!! Stop bringing up my f***ing DAUGHTER!!! IDC." She added, "IM IN NYC with my daughter!!!!! I'll be back in ATL later in the week!!!!! You b****s are on MY time!!!"

In response, Ari simply told her to "hug your daughter." Not having it, she shared a couple of photos of her girl back when she was still a newborn along with a caption that read, "I been holding my baby TIGHT since the day she was born . And I will hold her tight for rest of her life . I'm A Mom First , and no matter her disabilities imma always be by her side."

The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star continued, "You are beautiful LayLay and I love you forever ! I'm a proud mother of a my child that has a disability !!!! Shout out to all the other women in the world that have children with disabilities ."

Alexis and Ari's feud first ignited after the former declared that she "paved the way for these b****es," and it didn't sit well with Ari. She mocked, "Paved the way? PAVED THE F***ING WAY FOR WHO? $3500 could never get me in the club. Don't flatter yourself! I wasn't even talking about you but you do fit. You like my style is okay. Don't let these fans gass you."

Following some back and forth, other popular baby mamas came to attack Alexis as well.

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