Edie Falco's New Series Filmed in Fake L.A. as She Refuses to Go to West Coast

The former 'Nurse Jackie' actress initially turned down the new police show 'Tommy' because it's set in Los Angeles but TV bosses offered to move the location to New York.

AceShowbiz - Actress Edie Falco almost missed out on the title role in new police drama series "Tommy" because she refused to leave her family life in New York to film in Los Angeles.

"The Sopranos" star initially passed on the role of Abigail 'Tommy' Thomas, a former New York Police Department captain who becomes the first female chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, but TV bosses were so keen to land Falco as their leading lady, they offered to move the whole production to the Big Apple.

"I usually know pretty quickly (if a role is going to be great) when reading the script, but that's what happened this time: 'Oh, this is great! Oh, it shoots in L.A.' and I put it aside," she told U.S. breakfast show "Today".

"I have kids; I live in New York, this is where my life is, so I just forgot about it," Falco explained, "and my manager came back and said, 'Well, what if they shot in New York?' Keeping it as (set in) L.A., but shot in New York."

"I was like, 'Very funny' - and they did!"

To make the set look more like America's West Coast, producers had palm trees driven from shoot to shoot. "(They brought in) palm trees, in the back of a truck!" Falco laughed. "We get there, we take the palm trees out, we shoot the scene, put the palm trees back in the truck, go to the next location... We'll see if people buy it!"

And the 56-year-old actress is convinced a higher power helped to ensure everything worked out in her favour. "If you know what you're doing and why you're doing it, things tend to happen the way they should, I have found," Falco shared.

"Like, I would never go in there (to speak to producers) and say, 'Well, I'll do this, but you shoot it in New York...' I can't. It's not for me to be (telling them), and if they have another idea about it, amazing."

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