Leah Messer Mom-Shamed Over 10-Year-Old Daughter's Heavy Makeup and Short Cheer Skirt

One of the haters schools the 'Teen Mom 2' star on Instagram, writing, 'Pedophile bait at it's finest. If you're going to dress your child that way, at least don't put it on public display.'

AceShowbiz - Leah Messer has once again become a subject of criticism for her parenting. On Monday, February 17, the star of "Teen Mom 2" shares photos of 10-year-old Aleeah in her competitive cheer uniform online, and quickly found herself being mom-shamed for letting her young daughter wearing heavy makeup and short skirt.

Responding to one of Messer's posts, one critic pointed out that the particular photo of Aleeah in her cheer uniform was "pedophile bait at it's finest." The hater continued lashing out, "If you're going to dress your child that way, at least don't put it on public display. I'm guessing you haven't seen the pedo picture exchange communities. Disgusting."


One troll called Aleeah's outfit 'pedophile bait.'

Another nit-picker went as far as taking a dig at Messer's past by writing, "Yikes, mama. You're gonna have a repeat of the past. Make sure to teach her morals and not just how to apply fake lashes. Such potential, but teetering on the side of err." A third one voiced similar disapproval with a comment that read, "Waaaaay inappropriate..its not ok for little girls to dress like this."


Another user slammed her for her daughter's makeup and short skirt.

While many found fault at Messer, some came to her defence. "We do competition dance and heavy make up, false eyelashes and certain outfits ( for cheer their uniforms) is required or the whole team will be marked down in points if one person fails to do their makeup in that certain way, so those of you saying you wouldn't do it... you would cost your team points and possibly a championship win..," one of them even explained in details.


One person who supported the TV personality.

Messer was no stranger to unwarranted hate messages over her choices in raising her children. Back in March 2019, she got called out for "awful parenting" in addition to being labeled "so dumb" after sharing a video of youngest daughter, Adalynn Faith, using the N-word while singing along to a Cardi B song.

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