Timbaland Close to Achieving His Ideal Body

The 'Shock Value' star says he becomes 'a whole new person' after kicking his addiction with opioid and now he is focused on accomplishing his ideal body.

AceShowbiz - Timbaland is close to reaching his goal of dropping 200 pounds after conquering a painkiller addiction.

The star routinely abused prescription opioid medication before ditching the habit and adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes heavy exercise - and he won't stop until he crafts his ideal body.

"I kept seeing it in my dreams. I had a vision of how I should look and I just had to accomplish the goal," he tells TMZ. "I still have about 30 more (pounds) to go. I want to go all the way. I want to be a better me."

Timbaland is proud of his new fitness-driven lifestyle revealing he lost himself entirely during his painkiller addiction.

"After cleaning myself up and just becoming a whole new person, you have to, like, really hit the reset button, and by doing that, I feel like you gotta take care of your health and that'll take care of your mental and everything else," the "Give It to Me" hitmaker said. "Once you start (opioids), it takes over you."

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