Mike Hill Accused of Being 'Abusive' Towards Cynthia Bailey Due to This Video

The video shared on his Instagram account might seem harmless, but some people point out that it might be a sign of the 49-year-old sportscaster's abusive behavior.

AceShowbiz - Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey seem to be getting along just fine, but people are now beginning to worry about her well-being should she continue on with the relationship. It all stemmed from a video the sportscaster shared on Instagram just recently.

In the video, Mike got "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star to drink a cocktail consisting of a gin and tonic with a raw oyster floating around it. Before she gulped down the drink, Cynthia mentioned that she had never tried this before but because she likes oyster, she was willing to give it a try. The taste was clearly not to her liking, and she was even seen almost choking and throwing it up. However, she tried to fake a smile and repeatedly expressed how much she liked the drink.

Her action prompted Mike to laugh, as he poked fun at his fiancee in the caption, "Reason #1,100,233 why you shouldn't jump all the way into something without doing that research first." The 49-year-old also added several hashtags, seemingly trying to prove through the video that she isn't ready to go to the next level of a relationship with him.

The video might seem harmless, but some people pointed out that it might be a sign of his abusive behavior. "He gives off abusive vibes," one said, with another agreeing, "Abusive and manipulative. He will have her apologizing and saying it's her fault when he slaps some sense into her after they are married." One other echoed, "I second the posts saying he has abusive and sinister energy."

"The more I hear the more disgusted I am. The negging and trying to bring her down sound like typical narc abuse tactics. I hate that she doesn't value herself more after all she's been through," a different individual commented. Meanwhile, someone else suspected, "There's something off about him."

Mike and Cynthia got engaged last year and are currently planning their nuptials. They were recently spotted taking their pre-wedding photos.

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