Azealia Banks Says Tyler, the Creator Only Won Grammy Because White Men 'Fetishized' Him
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In a video shared on Instagram Stories, the female emcee suggests that 'there had to be some serious handshakes that had to happen' following his Best Rap Album win at the event.

AceShowbiz - Just a few years ago, Azealia Banks defended Tyler, the Creator when he was banned from entering the United Kingdom due to his lyrics. This time, however, the outspoken star blasted the "Yonkers" rapper over his win at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26 and suggested that he didn't deserve the accolade.

She began her video on Instagram Stories by suggesting that the facts that Tyler could perform, receive a nomination and win the award mean that "there had to be some serious handshakes that had to happen, right." She then called him out for "getting mad" for not getting an Album of the Year trophy after his Best Rap Album win.

"This n***a makes a project for N.E.R.D leftovers and thinks he's the new David Bowie and he has to be like awarded in different categories," Azealia continued saying. "Now, n***a, you make hip-hop music, you make rap music!" Not mincing her words anymore, she went on calling "IGOR" trash and said that he only won Best Rap Album because the "white guy elite" fetishized him.

Calling Tyler "ungrateful," she told him, "Think of all the women who don't get even f***ing looked at by the Grammys. I'm just here to tell you that 'IGOR' was not hyped, sis." Elsewhere in the video, the female emcee accused him of trying to be "art black dude" so bad and stressed that he "needs to impress" more if he wanted to be one.

Tyler has yet to respond to Azealia's comment. However, he recently brought back an old tweet from one social media user who said that he would never get a Grammy. Now that his "IGOR" album won Best Rap Album, he replied to the user, "I FAVORITED THIS 9 YEARS AGO JUST FOR THE MOMENT TO TELL YOU I GOT ONE. YES IM PETTY AS F**K, GOOD DAY MARK."

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