Ginnifer Goodwin on Bill Paxton's Death: It 'Affected Me in a Really Big Way'

During an interview on 'Life is Short with Justin Long' podcast series, the actress reveals that his passing led her down a path of reflection and inspired her to do more to help others.

AceShowbiz - Actress Ginnifer Goodwin struggled to deal with the death of her TV husband Bill Paxton because his passing was the first significant loss she had ever suffered.

The "Aliens" actor died from a stroke in February, 2017, aged 61, and the tragic news hit his "Big Love" co-star Goodwin hard.

"His passing actually affected me in a really big way that I would never have expected," she shared on the podcast "Life is Short with Justin Long".

"He was the first person in my life that I'd ever lost, at all. Subsequently, after he passed, I then had two grandparents pass, so it was a big year."

Goodwin reveals the unexpected tragedy led her down a path of reflection as she mingled with Paxton's loved ones at his memorials, and his legacy has inspired her to do more to help others.

"When he passed, I did a lot of reexamining because his children, with whom I was catching up at some of the services honouring him, were talking about their father's dedication to all people in the performing arts, in terms of, if you were sitting in a trailer and he heard you mention that a friend of yours was a writer, he would holler down and be like, 'Well, you should get me that script and I can see if I can pass it along to somebody who could help (get it made),'" she explained.

"He believed that if you... were bitten by the acting bug, you were the luckiest human alive, and so he felt that because you were then of our tribe..., our job is to help each other through it, because there are enough pieces of the pie to go around, so if only we would help each other, we would be a better community to each other."

Goodwin added, "It didn't affect me until he had passed, and I was thinking so much about what he had represented to me and the lessons he had taught me."

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