Watch: Basketball Star Silvio De Sousa Attempts to Hit Someone With Chair During Ugly Brawl

Fortunately, someone notices what the young athlete is about to do during a game between Kansas and Kansas State and is quick to stop him from committing assault and battery.

AceShowbiz - The game between Kansas and Kansas State on Tuesday night, January 21 clearly didn't end in a good note. Rather, things got so heated between the opposing teams that a massive brawl eventually broke out and messed up the whole game. One of the players, Silvio De Sousa, was even seen attempting to hit someone with a stool.

It all started after Silvio was stripped by a member of his rival team, DaJuan Gordon near midcourt. The latter then tried to go in for a layup, but Silvio was quick to recover and block him from scoring a point. Gordon fell to the floor due to that. However, instead of helping him stand, Silvio just stood over him barking.

This triggered players in the bench to jump into his defense and started attacking Silvio, though his teammates were more than ready to back him up. It soon turned into an ugly brawl with punches being thrown in what amounted a rugby scrum. At one point, Silvio was even seen holding a stool over his head, attempting to commit assault and battery. Fortunately, someone noticed what the basketball star was about to do and stopped him from potentially harming other people.

Kansas State basketball coach, Bruce Weber, has addressed the now-viral brawl, blaming himself for everything that transpired. "It's probably my fault," he said. "I had told them not to foul. I had told them to back off, but the kids are young guys. They want to play hard. They were disappointed and frustrated. You don't want to take that fire out of their belly. You have got to handle it right. I guess it created a bad thing."

He continued, "It should have been avoided. It's my fault. We came here wanting to have a game and compete and we didn't compete like we needed to. There was probably some frustration, especially the young guys. You wished it would have ended a little different and it didn't. That's sad."

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