Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Throw Massive Shade at Kat Von D and Several Other Beauty Gurus

In the video, the pair also address the headline-makings drama between fellow beauty vloggers Tati Westbrook and her former best friend James Charles last year.

AceShowbiz - Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are not holding back in a newly-released YouTube video. The video, which marks the first video for Shane's new ShaneGlossin channel, features the deleted scenes from his and Jeffree Star's "Beautiful World" series, revealing the drama in the beauty community.

The first part of the clip, which was uploaded on Tuesday, January 21, centered on an attempted home invasion that Shane and his fiance Ryland experienced. Calling 911, the pair were afraid that their then-unreleased palette might get stolen as they believed many people tried to do so in order to "counterfeit" them.

Fortunately, they went past the event safely and the man was reportedly arrested. Following the ordeal, Jeffree decided to heighten his security team to ensure that everyone is safe and nothing like that happens for the second time.

Later, the two vloggers talked about "the end of the beauty world." Jeffree said without dropping names, "It's a crazy experience of like, you see this girl doing a tutorial and now she's blackout drunk, screaming and crying about her ex, on the floor. And you're like on a brand trip."

He continued, "You're just there [on the brand trip] to post about an eyeshadow palette. The real tea is they're all lying just for attention and feel good around others."

In the video, Shane also addressed the headline-makings beef between Tati Westbrook and James Charles last year. It was such a big drama and apparently Shane wanted them to "shut the f**k up." He then added that Gabriel Zamora and Nikita Dragun didn't have the right to complain about being dragged into the controversy when "they brought themselves into this."

As for Jaclyn Hill, who landed in hot water after her lipstick apparently had hair and mold on them, Jeffree said that he would've reviewed her lipsticks but he had to wait until she "figured out what's happening with it." Shane chimed in, "What happened because it's like my PR box--they're all hairy, like to a point where it looks like I rubbed it on my dog."

The pair also shaded Kat Von D, whom Jeffree famously fight with. "They put me on a list for Kat Von D's company and I had to tell them to take me off of it," Shane shared, making sure that everyone knows that he stays loyal to the CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

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