Video: Steve Harvey Throws Tantrum Over Pizza on His Birthday

In a hilarious video shared by his wife Marjorie Harvey, the 'Family Feud' host is cursing out his staff when he orders one of his employees to get him a pizza for lunch.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey just wanted what he wanted without any question on his birthday. The comedian and radio host got a bit of temper when he ordered his staff to get him a pizza for lunch as he turned 63 years old on Friday, January 17.

The whole thing was captured in a video which was later posted by his wife Marjorie Harvey on her Instagram account. He was at first talking in inaudible voice to one of his employees about his lunch order.

When another member of the staff had some questions about the order and tried to ask Steve, he appeared to get annoyed and began cursing at her. "I ain't ask you s**t. That's why I said don't say s**t to her, cause her come that bulls**t," he yelled to the staff. "The other pizza ain't s**t I had it. All I want is a Pizza Hut pizza," he continued.

Marjorie, who was sitting in the middle of the room and saw Steve's conversation with his staff, appeared to be shocked at first, but then defended his behavior as it was "his birthday." The staff didn't seem to get offended either, smiling while signaling at the person behind the camera to stop filming.

After Marjorie shared the video online, many think Steve's temper tantrum was funny. Marjorie's daughter and Steve's stepdaughter Lori Harvey was among those who reacted to the clip, jokingly writing, "Y'all better leave my daddy alone today." Beyonce Knowles' mother Tina Lawson commented, "It is your birthday Steve !! Eat what the heck you want to!!!! Happy Birthday."

A fan completely understood Steve's behavior, "Listen I feel Steve when you hangry man Happy Birthday Steve!" Another follower commented, "Ha haaaa! It's the little things. I love this guy!" Someone else urged the staff to "Give that man some Pizza lol."

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