Chris Brown's BM Ammika Harris Keeps Positive Attitude After Hater Calls Her 'Average' Looking

The mother of one takes the high road when responding to the negative comment from an Internet troll who says Chris 'can do much better,' keeping her reply sweet and short.

AceShowbiz - At this point, Ammika Harris must have been used to be dealing with a lot of Instagram trolls. Recently, the new mom was targeted by a hater after she posted a couple of sultry snaps featuring her rocking a white dress.

While many of her followers were gushing about how "beautiful" and "stunning" she is in the photos, one user left a mean comment. "CB can do much better Shes just average all the way around," the said person wrote.

Ammika noticed it, but refused to let it get the best of her. Instead of hitting back, the 26-year-old model kept her response sweet and simple by leaving one heart emoji.

Of course, many have come to Ammika's defense, with one saying, "wats wrong with average ? Smh." Another blasted the hater, "yet you're hiding behind an social media page with no pictures posted and animals as your profile picture. She's a beautiful person inside and out that's what counts. God bless you."

Another user left a lengthy comment which read, "someone jealous because they average and can't come near to where @ammikaaa is on top she didn't need CB either they made a beautiful blessing, i honestly think u mad bc of her come up if she really was average why didn't she ever post about CB and her being pregnant with his kid for clout that ain't average that's called a woman something you outta check yo self for that just goes to show how much she's worth compared to HATERs like you lmao with 3 possums as yo profile pic."

Someone praised the raven beauty's response, "graceful reply beautiful! You know who you are and I'm sure that includes what you see in the mirror. @chrisbrownofficial knows you're stunning."

Ammika gave birth to Chris Brown's son Aeko in November 2019. They have been fueling their reconciliation rumors with their flirty Instagram exchanges, but have not confirmed their relationship status.

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