NBA YoungBoy Hints at Split From Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Daughter After Viral Wall Video

The 20-year-old rapper also assures that he's doing well after Iyanna Mayweather shares on her Instagram account a video of him talking to a wall while high on drugs.

AceShowbiz - It looks like NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) and Iyanna Mayweather's reconciliation was short lived. The 20-year-old rapper appeared to hint that the two have called it quits after she posted a video of him talking to a wall while high on drugs.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, January 12, YB shared a cryptic post that read, "I just need someone to stay and never leave." He didn't name names in the tweet, though some suspected that he could be referring to the end of his relationship with Yaya given the timing of his post. Some others, meanwhile, told him to get back with his baby mama Jania.

NBA YoungBoy appeared to hint at split from Iyanna Mayweather.

YB also assured his devotees that he's doing well despite the video. He shared on Instagram a video of him teasing new music in his car along with a caption that read, "I'm focused. I'm good."

This arrived after Iyanna got dragged for sharing on Instagram a video of YB talking to a wall. "He's depressed this is how he handles his problems he was talking to the wall," she said, before deleting the post almost immediately and asked people to get rid of the footage too as criticism poured in. Briana, a girl from his circle, wasn't having it and blasted Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s daughter, "How are you going to try to bash him and then ask people to delete it you're a real sick b***h."

She said in a separate post, "You dumb stupid b***h why would you post it after you call this man phone multiple times pressing him stressing him the f**k out when I was around him. B***h he told you to stop calling him why would you try to really have him out there like that everything isn't for everybody you're a press a** b***h and if I ever see you it's up."

Iyanna has deleted her Instagram account amid the backlash.

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