Video: Influencer Tee Tries to Flirt With Jason Derulo, He Backs Away

In the video shared on her TikTok account, the YouTube personality is holding the 'Swalla' singer's hand before he quickly lets go while asking her, 'Oh s**t is it a video?'

AceShowbiz - Tee, a YouTube personality, recently met up with Jason Derulo, so it was only natural for her to share clips of their meeting on social media. She apparently tried to use this chance to flirt with the singer as well, though it wasn't as easy as it looked.

In a video shared on her TikTok account, Tee could be seen taking a mirror video with Jason standing close behind her. Tee was holding Jason's hand, but the "Cats" actor soon let go of her hand and asked the YouTuber, "Oh s**t is it a video?"

Fans immediately noticed the move and couldn't help but get secondhand embarrassment. "She's really holding the outside of his hand... I'm embarrassed for her," a user said. Meanwhile, some others pointed out that Jason backed away the moment he realized Tee was filming a video, with one saying, "Oh we on video? He snatched his hand back real quick."

"He was like nah, don't hold my hand," another commented. One other person mocked Tee, "She only wishes. His hand was not interested in her hand touching his. She was denied by the king," as there were also some who speculated that Jason backed away because he's gay. "Jason gurlll Just come out hun it's 2020....," one said.

Jason is currently single. Prior to this, the "Swalla" singer was romancing Jordin Sparks for more than two years, before moving on with Daphne Joy after their breakup in 2014. Their relationship, however, did not last long as the two called it quits after seven months together.

Last month, he opened up about realizing that relationship isn't meant for him. "I've learned that I really don't want to be in a relationship," he said in an interview at the time. "I don't think it's that time in my life. I'm so focused on my craft and my art, man, that there's very little time to give to somebody at this point in my life. I'm very single -- super single."

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