Celina Powell Hits On Draya Michele's Ex Orlando Scandrick, but Gets Rejected and Called 'Messy'

However, the self-proclaimed thot doesn't give up and insists that she has changed as saying, 'I used to be when I was younger but I changed my ways for the better.'

AceShowbiz - Orlando Scandrick is currently on the market after his split from Draya Michele, but that doesn't mean he will move on with anyone. The NFL free agent was recently hit on by self-proclaimed thot Celina Powell, and he made it clear that he had no intention to ever hook up with her even though she kept persisting.

An alleged private conversation between the two recently leaked online, dating back on Christmas Day last year. Celina was the one who started the conversation, saying, "So u single now." After Orlando said that he's "taking a break," she replied, "That's good, time for yourself is always needed well I'm tryna get to know you if you're up for it."

But Orlando didn't have any interest in the slightest and went on attacking her instead, "You messy I'm good." Not giving up just like that, she told him, "I'm really not thought . I used to be when I was younger but I changed my ways for the better … I'm not tryna clout chase off you, I'm 24 & way past that."

She then begged him to give her a chance, which he promptly rejected because he doesn't "do messy." Still, Celina didn't back down and answered, "I'm not messy I promise... just one chance," before adding, "Just the chance of getting to know you & vibe. And then if you're comfortable with meeting, we can do that too. I want to build your trust."

However, Orlando still refused over and over again to the point where Celina claimed he "still tryna be faithful" and complained for being curved by him. In response to this, he simply said, "Cuz you messy af." This prompted Celina to reply, "No matter who you f**k with, it'll be public . So why say that about me when it's the same for you also?"

"I've only ever been one person publicly," answered Orlando, to which Celina answered, "That's why no matter who u go public with next it's gonna blow up. But you wanna curve me because I've been public with a few." Orlando still rejected her and said that hooking up with Celina isn't "worth it," leading her to end their conversation all together. "Lol wow thanks... take care love," she said.

Orlando has previously been in an on-and-off relationship with Draya since 2013. However, they broke up in late last year.

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