K-Pop Star Nayeon Pleads With Stalker to Stop Stalking Her

The member of Korean group Twice is under police protection due to ongoing threat from an obsessed male fan who kept stalking her despite her plea to stop.

AceShowbiz - Twice singer Nayeon is under police protection following an ongoing threat from a stalker.

On January 1, 2020, the K-pop star's management company JYP Entertainment issued a statement revealing that the girl group member was under police protection after a man attempted to approach her and followed the stars on a flight from Japan to South Korea.

"Today when boarding a return flight from Japan to Korea, a stalker of TWICE member Nayeon attempted to approach her numerous times after boarding," the statement read, according to a translation from Korean pop culture website Soompi. "We were able to respond to the situation right away, and (Nayeon) wasn't harmed, but she is currently quite discomfited and anxious."

"Due to the incident, Nayeon is currently under police protection. We warned the stalker several times to halt his actions, but he ignored our warnings and attempted to force his way through and raised his voice, escalating the situation with problematic behaviour."

It also said that JYP is also taking legal action against the man, and investigating the inappropriate release of artists' flight schedules and information.

Earlier in the day, a post to TWICE's Instagram Story read, "Please go home. Please stop. Please, I ask this of you," but was swiftly deleted.

The incident followed multiple videos, posts, and attempts by a German man in recent months to reach Nayeon, real name Im Na-yeon, with JYP previously revealed it was taking action against allegations of stalking and requesting police protection for the 24-year-old star.

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