Linda Ronstadt Compares Donald Trump Targeting Mexicans to Holocaust
CNN/WENN/Dennis Van Tine

The 'You're No Good' singer says what the current President of the United States did to Mexicans is exactly like what Adolf Hitler did to Jewish people.

AceShowbiz - Linda Ronstadt has insisted there are "great parallels" between the rise of U.S. President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

The "You're No Good" hitmaker, who retired from the stage in 2011 due to her battle with Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) - a degenerative neurological illness similar to Parkinson's disease that decreases motor function - told CNN she fears the 45th POTUS is becoming "uncontrollable."

"My family - the parts that are Republican were fairly rational Republicans. We don't have that in our current White House," she explained.

Linda went on to suggest republicans have "had so much taken away from us by this administration," and compared Trump's presidency to Hitler's governance over Nazi Germany.

"By the time he (Hitler) got established, he put his own people in place and stacked the courts and did what he had to do to consolidate his power," the "It's So Easy" singer elaborated. "And, we got Hitler and he destroyed Germany, he destroyed centuries of intellectual history forward and backward."

When reporter Anderson Cooper suggested people would be "surprised" to hear the music legend's comparisons, she fired, "If you read the history, you won't be surprised. It's exactly the same."

"Find a common enemy for everybody to hate," she explained. "I was sure that Trump was going to get elected the day he announced, and I said it's gonna be like Hitler, and the Mexicans are the new Jews. And, sure enough, that's what he delivered, you know."

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