'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Reflects on 'Mistakes' With Colt Johnson and His Mom

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Brazilian beauty talks about the 'big mistakes' she makes with the pair before concluding her message by encouraging her followers to stop insulting Debbie.

AceShowbiz - Larissa Dos Santos Lima has undoubtedly a rough year in 2019. Now that the new year is fast approaching, the "90 Day Fiance" star takes the opportunity to reflect on what she's been through the past year, including her tumultous relationship with ex-husband Colt Johnson and his mom Debbie.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Brazilian beauty talked about the "big mistakes" she made with the pair. "A new year, a new decade is quickly approaching. While I have been working to better my mind, body, and spirit in 2019, I want 2020 to be the year or renewal and to cleanse all the bad energy from the past," she wrote on Sunday, December 29 alongside a picture of her and Debbie.

"There has been some very negative back and forth between myself and a former family member. This is something I do not want to do anymore. I don’t want to fight with her, as it is all in the past," the 33-year-old continued. Referring to her rollercoaster relationship with Colt and his mom, Larissa added, "My time with the family was a bad phase of my life, and for the three of us it could never work out. Big mistakes were made, and for my part, I'm sorry."

She also addressed her domestic battery case which led to her getting arrested for the third time in January for attacking her now-ex. "I have paid for my mistakes by the law with compliance of the court, but I am sorry with my soul for my part in the break up of the family," the TLC star wrote. "I have such fond memories of her, and when I think of them, I smile."

Adding that she had "a place in my heart for her," Larissa asked her followers "not to insult my former mother in law. This is something I want to stop once and for all. Yes, I react quickly, but I want to stop this." She then concluded the message, "Be kind. Tag someone you would like to make peace with."

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