Meek Mill Threatens to Expose Record Labels for Signing New Artists to 'Slave Deals'

The 'Ima Boss' rapper accuses major record labels of scamming new artists as he calls out the companies over the 'slave deals' they offer to the newbies in the music industry.

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill called on record labels to do better when it came to their new artists. The 32-year-old rapper took to Twitter to vent his frustrations as he accused big companies of offering "slave deals" to newbies in the music industry.

He tweeted, "What about major companies taking kids from the ghetto and got them signing they lives away for a lil bit of money? We taking control of that 2020 and exposing the people offering these slave deals! Ima get some lawyers to break down some of these deals y’all offering these kids."

His rant came just days after fellow rapper Tory Lanez slammed Interscope Records and threatened to expose the company. "Interscope Records…if yall n***a dont stop playing w/ me…ima expose whats really going on in that f**king building," he raged, "@interscope y'all play w me if u want to .... Let's play ... y'all got the right f**king one."

Meek Mill himself was signed with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group when he released his debut album "Dreams and Nightmares" in 2012. Now he has launched his own label imprint Dream Chasers Records and started signing his own proteges.

Ironically, one of Mill's new artists Yung Ro was dissed by fellow young rapper Blueface a couple weeks ago for not wearing a single chain as he stood next to Mill in an Instagram picture. The Cash Money star said Yung Ro shouldn't have signed with Mill's label.

Ro explained he used his money to take care of his family, but Blueface argued, "If you sign a deal an you can't afford 50 for a chain an 50 to get yo granny off dialysis an another 100 for to put down on yo momma house you shouldn't have signed that on Cryp."

While Ro claimed family was more important than jewelry, Blueface said, "Invest in ya self a chain is more then a chain in this rap shyt its all about da image it's not about how good you rap or how good you freestyle its 2020 it's a popularity contest."

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