Florence Pugh Credits Nude Scenes for Helping Her With Insecurities

The 'Little Women' actress claims that taking off her clothes for the camera in her 2016 William Oldroyd-directed movie 'Lady Macbeth' help boost her confidence.

AceShowbiz - Florence Pugh loved her nude scenes in "Lady Macbeth", as they left "no room for me to feel insecure."

The 23-year-old actress reflected on her breakout role in an interview with Britain's ES Magazine, and confessed her role in the twist on the William Shakespeare classic "changed everything" for her.

"I loved the fact she was naked all the time," she said. "At that point in my life I had been made to feel s**t about what I looked like and that film was perfect, there was no room for me to feel insecure."

Florence went on to urge young actresses not to give in to Hollywood's demands, and stay true to themselves in their attempts to make it big.

"When you go out there (L.A.) as a baby-face, fresh thing who is eager to please, they will make you into whatever they need to make you sell, essentially," the star reflected. "You need to know exactly what you are representing when you go into meetings so if someone says, 'That's really cool you don't pluck your eyebrows,' that you don't f**king, like, die and whimper."

She added, "No I don't want you to cut my hair. No I don't want you to wax my upper lip. I have a face and hair grows out of it. Please leave me alone."

Florence is currently appearing in the movie adaptation of "Little Women", also starring Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, and Timothee Chalamet, which is in cinemas now.

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