Kodak Black Says He Ends Up in Wheelchair After Brutally Beaten in Prison

The 'Zeze' rapper claims he was 'laced with an unknown substance' before the prison fight and tried to seek medical help but his request was rejected by a correctional officer.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black said he received unfair treatment behind bars. The 22-year-old rapper told his online followers that he was beaten like a dog during the prison altercation in late October. It was allegedly so brutal that he ended up in a wheelchair.

The hip-hop star claimed it was not his intention to get involved in a fight. "I was laced with an unknown substance," he said. "That substance gave me an out of body experience and had me feeling like I was possessed and dying slowly."

Before the fight broke out, he allegedly tried to seek medical attention but was denied. "This left me in a state of paranoia," he claimed.

"I was beaten so brutally that I had to be taken to the Box in a wheelchair," the Florida rhymer added. "I have been here for 45 days without commissary, hygiene stressed out and on psych meds. Having to mourn the loss of my brother Juice Wrld behind the doors."

"They were grabbing and beating me while I was under the influence of this unknown substance that mysteriously hasn't popped up in my Urine analysis and mysteriously the inmate I was fighting with went home the next day," the "Zeze" lyricist continued.

The prison fight left at least one guard injured and hospitalized, but the rapper insisted he only acted in self-defense and his vision was impaired during the altercation due to getting pepper-sprayed. "I was oblivious to who was punching and grabbing me repeatedly in the face," he said.

Kodak said the guard "inflicted harm on himself" by jumping into the fight. "I had officers tell me that the CO was ok that night," he claimed, adding that the officer only admitted himself to hospital because he tried to get money from him.

"There were a few inmates who intentionally beat up ... An officer and no charges were filed," he said before concluding, "I want to shed this light on police brutality and the tactics they use to cover their behinds."

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