J.R. Smith Caught Cheating on His Wife With 'The Flash' Actress Candice Patton

The Cleveland Cavaliers player sparks cheating allegations as he is rumored to hook up with the CW actress while still being married to his wife of three years Jewel Harris.

AceShowbiz - J.R. Smith and Candice Patton made headlines for the wrong reason. The 34-year-old basketball player, married with children, is reportedly hooking up with the 31-year-old Hollywood actress. The NBA star is allegedly cheating on his wife Jewel Harris with "The Flash" beauty.

Smith and Patton were first spotted attending a Halloween bash together at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas a couple months ago. Fellow CW actress Vanessa Morgan from "Riverdale" seemed to have exposed them by posting a photo of them together and calling them the "hottest couple."

The NBA star fueled the hookup rumors after he was seen walking her dog and playing with the pet inside a house on Instagram Live. A woman's voice believed to be Patton's was heard in the background. He then deleted the video along with hundreds of Instagram photos that he posted after 2017.

Smith apparently often left comments on Patton's Instagram as well. In a picture of her from the Vegas party where she channeled her inner Cruella de Vil with a snake wrapped around her neck, she wrote, "My baby don't like snakes but I do, I do, I doo ooo." He responded with a face-palm emoji and she replied with a shrug emoji.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player also "face-palmed" in another photo where the Iris West-Allen of Arrowverse rocked an old Hollywood glam look. She called herself "a girl born in the wrong era."

J.R. Smith left comment on Candice Patton's Instagram

J.R. Smith often left comments on Candice Patton's Instagram

Meanwhile, Smith's wife Harris has been posting cryptic quotes on her own Instagram that might be the clues to their rocky marriage. "You always pass failure on your way to success," one quote read. Another quote read, "You learn more from losing than winning."

She also posted a quote about a toxic relationship, "You are the person that permits things to happen to you! you have a red flag, you have a gut check, you have intuition & the more you let that continue and accept it the more you allow things to happen yourself. So as soon as you really self-love, self care and own who you are you can start to create those healthy boundaries to know when to accept and not accept certain things in your life."

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