Salt-N-Pepa's Stylist and Tour Manager Leave to Work for Another Group

The longtime stylist and tour manager of the 'Shoop' duo have packed their bags and leave to join the team working for another group Naughty By Nature.

AceShowbiz - Rap stars Salt-N-Pepa have suffered another blow as it has been announced their longtime stylist has walked out on them - just one day after it was confirmed their tour manager also quit.

The duo's in-house stylist, Marquis Moss, parted ways with the "Push It" stars in September, with the New York Post's gossip column Page Six reporting he wanted "to focus on more project-based relationships."

He went on to tell the publication, "I shifted my capacity in which I work for them. I'm no longer their in-house stylist on staff."

Moss added he's leaving on "good terms," explaining, "I think (they're happy for me). I would like to say that they were. I came back and did something. Our relationship is pretty good."

Confirmation of the latest blow comes after Tommaso Giuseppe, who had been in charge of masterminding the "Shoop" stars' live shows for years, also told the publication they recently parted ways.

"I have worked really hard for the brand during my time working with Salt-N-Pepa...," he explained in a statement. "At the time of my decision, the team and I had a difference in views and therefore, we have determined it is mutually beneficial that I pursue other projects. I was allowed to relinquish my duties with the group.

"We had a lot of fun and great memories together," he added. "Regardless of my decision to leave, I will always cherish them."

Moss and Giuseppe appear to have left together, as both are now reportedly working with the band Naughty By Nature.

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