JayDaYoungan's Chain Snitcher Allegedly Dies Due to Violent Act

The rising star was previously reported to have his chain snatched from his neck during a November gig, though he quickly denied and claimed that the person picked it up from the floor once he left the venue.

AceShowbiz - It seems like JayDaYoungan's chain drama ends tragically. The rapper previously made headlines after a video featuring a concertgoer snatching his chain at a concert. And now, it is said the alleged thief passed away due to violent act.

Akadmiks shared a photo of the rising star and a man who was claimed to be the chain snatcher. "Man who allegedly took JaydaYoungan chain has allegedly passed away. RIP," the blog wrote over the picture.

Captioning the snap, the account wrote, "RIP. Senseless violence."

People in the comment section, however, didn't seem to be sympathetic. "When your clout Chasing ends in death.... Rest In clout," someone wrote sarcastically. "CLOUT Chasing Gon wrong He a still be a live if y'all ain't gas's him up lmaooo," another chimed in.

Someone else said, "He played his self." Another one added, "You take my chain I take yo life."

Some others, meanwhile, blamed Akadmiks for how things went down. "He be alive right now if you ain't gas him up akademiks," one user said. " 'Allegedly' smells like cap," another accused.

A user called that "Fake news," and urged Akadmiks to "take this shot down." The user went on explaining, "I went to high school with buddy he had nothing to do with the chain getting took bro not never been in the streets."

JayDaYoungan, who somehow got his chain back, has yet to comment on the reports.

It was previously said that someone allegedly snatching his chain during his performance in North Carolina at Saturday, November 30. The Louisiana rapper, however, denied that someone and claimed that the person picked it up from the floor once he left the venue. "Don't believe the hype n****s scary af fr , Reach for sum s**t then try to run ! DONT even get it but wait til my security pull me out the club my s**t fall & y'all pick it up. H** a** s**t."

He added, "If you don't know facts about a situation don't speak on that s**t...I'm so solid can't s**t faze or break me I'm built for this."

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