Lashana Lynch Gets Coy About 'No Time to Die' Character's Future as 007
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During a cast interview on 'Good Morning America', the actress playing Nomi in the upcoming action movie praises her secret agent character instead of clarifying first female Bond rumors.

AceShowbiz - Actress Lashana Lynch is keeping fans guessing about her new 007 character's future in the Bond franchise after assuming the mantle for "No Time to Die".

The "Captain Marvel" star plays British secret service agent Nomi in the upcoming action blockbuster, in which she is introduced using Bond's iconic code name, as Daniel Craig's superspy is initially in retirement.

Craig has already made it clear he won't be returning for another run as author Ian Fleming's fictional character, and following the release of the movie's first trailer on Wednesday, December 04, Lynch is remaining coy about whether she will take over full-time as the series' first female Bond.

Asked about Nomi's status as 007 during a cast interview on "Good Morning America", Lynch said, "She's definitely a 00 agent. (She's) skillful, swift, suave, and she's got a bunch of attitude, and she just comes with a whole lot of shaking up in this franchise, for sure..."

"She's wicked (great), so good. She definitely gave me a challenge," Lynch added as she continued to avoid giving a direct answer.

"It was amazing to work with Cary (Fukunaga, director) and the whole cast, and (producers) Barbara (Broccoli) and Michael (G. Wilson), and just bring something new to the Bond movies, and I'm just excited for everyone to just see her, man."

Although the actress isn't giving up any clues about Nomi's Bond future, she is sad to see Craig go, and admits working alongside her fellow Brit was a real highlight of the job.

"It's difficult to see him not be Bond again; he's my favourite Bond," Lynch shared.

"I think he's done an absolutely smashing (brilliant) job the entire time, just how he's handled it all, his grace, and just watching him on set has been one of the best masterclasses of my career, actually."

"No Time to Die" co-star Rami Malek concurred, and piled on the praise for Craig, telling him, "It's been a pleasure to work with you, and you are as timeless as these films are. I think you've done a magnificent job and it's been a gift for all of us to have worked with you."

Malek also teased fans about what they can expect from his new supervillain in the 25th Bond movie.

"It's a very unnerving character, and I think we (he and Craig) get to face off... in a battle of epic proportions," he said. "It's a very formidable, nasty human being... I can't say much, I'm working my way around it!"

"I'll say this: they're all, of course, incredibly memorable films, but this one is especially emotional."

"No Time to Die" hits theatres in April (20).

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