See Jennifer Garner's Epic Reaction After Receiving Call From Julie Andrews: 'No Chill'
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The '13 Going on 30' star is seen in one video covering her bright red face with one hand when the film and music legend tells her that she's also a huge fan of her.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Garner might be a superstar with numerous awards in her hands, but she still gets completely starstruck. The "13 Going on 30" star was bursting with emotion when she received a surprise call from her idol, film and music legend Julie Andrews, on Wednesday, November 27.

The brunette beauty shared a collage photo of her reaction on Instagram, revealing that Julie called her at the request of Katie Couric when she stopped by her podcast series "Next Question with Katie Couric". The photos showed Jennifer's emotional roller coaster, as she was seen burying her red face in her T-shirt in one photo.

She was clearly so happy and excited to be able to talk to Julie because in another photo, Jennifer was featured kicking up her leg as she clenched her teeth in happiness. In the end, she completely collapsed on her couch and slide off the cushion and onto the floor. "@katiecouric asked #JulieAndrews to call me. It was a surprise. I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn this, but I love her," she wrote in the caption of the post.

As if the photo collage wasn't enough, Jennifer took to Instagram Stories to share a video of the moment. "I want to tell you I'm a huge fan and love what you do and Katie was just telling me that you were pretty admiring of me too so I thought well, let's just have a chat," Julie told Jennifer, who covered her face with her hand.

Later, Katie suggested that Julie and Jennifer should have lunch together, to which the veteran actress happily agreed. Meanwhile, the "Peppermint" star was so happy with the idea she couldn't even react with words properly. "No chill," Jennifer wrote in the caption.

This isn't the first time Jennifer showed her admiration to Julie. Earlier this month, one of her children recorded her giddily singing along to Julie's "Do-Re-Mi" at "The Sound of Music" screening as she wiped away her tears with a smile.

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