Jeff Tweedy's Wife Details Overnight Shooting of Chicago Home
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Through a Facebook post, Susan Miller-Tweedy claims that her Wilco frontman husband 'found seven shell casings outside' of their house after they heard the sound of gunfire.

AceShowbiz - The Chicago, Illinois home of rocker Jeff Tweedy was targetted by a gunman in the early hours of Tuesday, November 26.

The Wilco frontman and his wife, Susan Miller-Tweedy, were awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of gunfire - and discovered their balcony door had been sprayed with bullets, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Miller-Tweedy took to Facebook to detail the shocking event, claiming she heard up to 10 gunshots.

"You know how every time you hear loud pops you think... was that fireworks or gunshots? Well, when it's really gunfire there is zero question about it," she posted.

"A bullet went through the storm door to our balcony and lodged in the wooden door," she continued. "In the light of day today (Tuesday), Jeff found seven shell casings outside."

The couple's son, aspiring musician Spencer Tweedy, has since told local radio station WBBM the incident was "pretty scary", although he did not think his family had been specifically targetted in the attack.

The 52-year-old Illinois native has yet to speak out about the shooting scare, which is not believed to have caused any injuries.

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