'90 Day Fiance' Star Aladin Hits Back at Fan Blasting Him for Rejecting Marriage Proposal

The reality TV star believes that the said female fan, who claims that she works as a scientist and has a lot of money, is trying to seduce him with her wealth.

AceShowbiz - Aladin Jallali wants you all to know that he's not an easy man who can be bought with money. The TV personality recently hit back at one female fan on Instagram after she blasted him for rejecting her marriage proposal.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Aladin explained that the said fan first greeted him in a flirty way before telling him that she works as a scientist and has a lot of money. Right after that, the fan asked the "90 Day Fiance" star to marry him, to which he immediately rejected it as he believed that she was trying to seduce him with her money.

That was when all hell broke loose, with the fan accusing him of deleting her comment when she was actually the one who made the move. "This is the last message I'm posting, I am enraged cause you giving a horrible image of arabic guy," she said. "An opportunist marvelous layer...Disgusting..." But Aladin would not let the fan say whatever she wanted because he later came back with a lengthy message to hit back at her.

"I don't know why you are writing to me about your money. ...because I am not for sale," the star said. "So you delete you own post and blame me!?! Now you accuse me of being a bad example of an arab man! Why? Because I don't want you or your money??? Get over yourself lady. Even if you have no morals or respect for yourself, I do. So stop lying. If I wanted to delete a post... I could have blocked the user."

Following the exchange, Aladin shared a post on his account to warn fans that wealth would not make him fall in love with them. "I am a MAN... I make my own money... and I am not for sale! Stop trying to get my attention with money or greencards or fancy cars or luxury homes because it will never work," he said, insisting that he's not a "gigolo."

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