Miley Cyrus' Hairstylist Defends Singer's 'Modern Mullet' Amid Backlash

The former Disney darling takes to Instagram Stories to offer fans a look at her new hair that now falls just below her shoulders with angles and long, choppy bangs.

AceShowbiz - To celebrate her 27th birthday, Miley Cyrus decided to give herself a new look and cut her hair. But instead of receiving praises from her devotees, her newest look has provoked the ire of her fans as they thought that the singer's new hair looked so bad. Thus, they started attacking Miley's hairstylist, Sally Hershberger.

Miley took to Instagram Stories to show off the new hair, a modern version of mullet as her blonde hair falls just below her shoulders with angles and long, choppy bangs. Tish Cyrus, her mother, was the first one to start snapping her daughter's hair, before Miley asked Sally to help finalize the look. "Miley wanted to go more punk. She wanted something edgy," Sally said of the new hairstyle to E! News.

Miley Cyrus showed off new hairstyle.

"We went with a modern mullet that she can wear sleek, but also wavy and messy," the hairstylist went on saying. "To get the edgy look, I precise-cut her hair with a pair of scissors and then used a razor to add definition." Sally then said that Miley actually approved of the new hairstyle, "We all loved the cut. It was just the right vibe."

However, people on the Internet didn't feel the same way. "This is the worst haircut I've ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist now this is gonna be all over TMZ and the news plus the locals that don't like Miley are gonna think she's going through a meltdown again why can't we ever win gonna go cry now bye! That was all," one fan called out Sally, as someone else wished, "Miley pls go on twitter and tweet this ain't my hair h**z."

Sally has responded to the backlash, defending Miley's modern mullet. "First of all if you knew anything about hair, it's the position she's in that's why it looks that way, it's 100 percent even and she also had it straightened so it's more severe, which I actually like," she said. "That being said, chill out and know it's a modern mullet, which is very cool but it's something you probably aren't even well-versed in sorry but not sorry."

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